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Falconeri ponchos have all the appeal of traditional bygone accessories which make even basic, sporty outfits seem modern, on-trend and ultra-feminine. Revisited in new, fashion-forward versions, Falconeri ponchos are made using the finest Made-in-Italy fibers. The warmest are those in soft, enveloping cashmere, an elegant and ultra-chic embrace to enhance winter days or cool evenings at the onset of spring. In various designs, with refined jeweled details or sophisticated check prints. Many are also reversible, offering the option to play with and accentuate colors via the contrasting geometric designs. Other details? Fringe, which brings a Bohemian touch for a trendy, slightly gypsy vibe. Falconeri ponchos impart a sophisticated look when paired with heels and draped elegantly over the shoulders. Prefer to rock a more urban cowgirl look? Then pair with ankle boots, jeans and an oversize sweater! Decide and define your style with a Falconeri poncho and you won’t go unnoticed!
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