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Tops and Knitwear

Tops and Knitwear

Women’s knitwear is at the heart of the Falconeri brand. Falconeri knitwear is made from exquisite, sophisticated fibers such as merino, cashmere, the finest cotton and delicate silk. Highly-coveted, sophisticated merino is prized for its exceptionally fine fibers which create premium quality garments, while sought-after cashmere, synonymous with luxury, makes the garments warm and soft. Conversely, cotton knitwear is perfect for wearing in the spring sunshine. In addition, the unsurpassed quality of the cotton used for Falconeri garments makes this fabric particularly suitable for wearing against the skin. This quintessential noble fiber is glossy, stretchy and durable. It retains body heat without irritating the skin, yet is cool to wear and breathable. Silk tops and shirts, available in refined solid colors or delicate patterns, reveal the delicacy and elegance of the Falconeri brand. Discover the vast range of products from classic, versatile crew neck or V-neck sweaters to high necks and turtlenecks to take you into the colder weather. Not to mention maxi sweaters with exquisite trims, also available in on-trend colors for those who prefer a more fashion-forward look. Simple but sophisticated at the same time.
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